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Dr. Maya Haviland ANU Translational Fellowship Award – Scaffolding Cultural CoCreativity

by | 1 Jan, 2019 | Events, Scaffolding Cultural Cocreativity

In late 2018 Dr. Maya Haviland was awarded a Translational Fellowship from the ANU, to undertake a multi-sited project entitled Scaffolding Cultural CoCreativity. This project is established research partnerships to explore the enabling factors for cultural co-creativity across scales and cultural difference.  A kick-off workshop for this project was held at the ANU in April 2019. Participants included a delegation from the Kimberley Aboriginal Law and Culture Centre, including Putaparri Lawford, Wayne Barker, Walmajarri elder Joe Brown and KALACC Women’s Chairperson Merle Carter, artists and cultural producers from Vanuatu, including Director of the Vanuatu Cultural Centre Richard Shing, Marcel Meltherorong and Dely Roy Nalo, as well as other project partners, co-researchers, and graduate students. Events surrounding the workshop included research consultation meetings with cultural sector and industry, and a joint seminar by cultural producers from Vanuatu and the Kimberley entitled Cultural Resilience, Resurgence and Rimix in the Kimberley and Vanuatu.