About the Project

Scaffolding Cultural Co-Creativity is a research and cultural project exploring the dynamics of creative collaboration across culture, arts and education.

The Scaffolding Cultural Co-Creativity Project (SCCCP) is a multi-sited, 4 year project (2019-2023) researching dynamics of creative collaboration and value co-creation across the three overlapping domains of Culture, Arts and Education.

Through collaborative action research case studies with partner projects and organisations in Australia and internationally, and mixed-method qualitative research with cultural practitioners, SCCCP is identifying and testing new frameworks for mapping cultural co-creativity. We are developing and disseminating tools and resources for practitioners and organisations to facilitate, sustain, embed and scale co-creative practices into diverse organisational and cultural contexts.

Our Aims & Approach

  1. Undertake co-creative cultural projects with partner organisations and practitioners.

We undertake action research on collaborative cultural projects with practitioners and organisations from across arts, culture and education sectors. We research, map and share collaborative cultural work and methodologies within and between projects.

  1. Develop a community of practice and network of practitioner co-researchers.

We work with local and international practitioners and organisations as collaborative partners and co-researchers. We seek to foster emerging practitioners, and support organisational development to enhance and scale co-creativity.

  1. Develop and test frameworks and resources for facilitating, teaching and enhancing cultural co-creativity.

We map the dynamics of how co-creativity happens across diverse case studies and research.  We develop and test resources to enhance, sustain and scale cultural co-creativity as a core skill and capacity for practitioners and organisations.

  1. Translate cultural sector knowledge of co-creativity into different organisational and disciplinary settings.

Through our cultural work and research, we explore effective ways to share and translate the knowledge and practice of co-creation across sectors, scales, geographies and cultural contexts.

(L-R) (back) Jonathan Kimberley, Tom Lawford, Maya Haviland, Marcel Melto, Anni Doyle Wawrzynczak, Wayne Barker, Thomas Dick, Richard Shing (front) Dely Roy Nalo, Ruth McDougall, Christus Nobrega, Merle Carter, Wes Morris

Project Partners

Scaffolding Cultural CoCreativity is funded by the Australian National University through the Translational Fellowship Scheme, with support from organisational partners and their funders. It is hosted by the ANU Centre for Heritage and Museum Studies. The project lead is Dr. Maya Haviland.