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In(out)sider is an exhibition from Masters students of the Summer intensive course HUMN8034 – Collaborative Storytelling and Cultural Production. Centre for Heritage & Museum Studies, Research School of Humanities and the Arts, College of Arts and Social Sciences, The Australian National University, Canberra, ACT, Australia.  

  • Canberra Artists:   Alison Alder, Jacqueline Bradley, Saskia Haalebos, Nicci Haynes, Ellis Hutch, Katy Mutton. 
  • Student Collaborators:  Jing Zhang 张静, Jingyi Wang 王婧宜, Junwen Zhu 朱君文, Kate Wood, Yuexin Zhao 赵玥欣, Zora Pang 庞林仪
  • Course convenor: Dr Maya Haviland
  • Guest Lecturer: Prof. Christus Nobrega (UnB)
  • Course Curator and Lecturer: Dr Anni Doyle Wawrzyńczak

“I thank the artists who gave so willingly of their time and experience and the students who have delighted me with their commitment and final works.”

Over three intensive collaborative teaching days and five weekly workshops, six student collaborators considered acts of art-making, translation, collaboration and community. 

From ethics to interview techniques, through examples and discussions of collaborative pathways and with an intense desire for excellence, the students have worked together to produce this exhibition In(out)sider.  

Inspired and informed by interviews with six Canberra-based artists, and originally conceived as a public, object-based collaborative exhibition, In(out)sider transitioned, in the final week of workshops/first week of lockdown, to the online imaginings you see here…… Dr Anni Doyle Wawrzynczak