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Music, Co-Creativity and Cultures: A Conversation with Kim Cunio

by | 30 Dec, 2022

Collaboratory Season 1
Collaboratory Season 1
Music, Co-Creativity and Cultures: A Conversation with Kim Cunio

Music provides a fascinating example of co-creativity in action – whether that be through the coming together of instruments and performers, the space in which the music is played, or the process of audience members listening to music. Musician and academic, Kim Cunio, reflects on the co-creative musical projects that he has been involved with and shares insights into the responsibilities that different cultural roles and relationships require of us. Topics explored include:

  • Embracing the complexities of being positioned as the ‘other’ when engaging in non-traditional research
  • How Kim’s diverse cultural background combined with his creative and technical skills influences his approach to musical practice
  • The process of seeking cultural authority to work with particular knowledges and traditions
  • The challenges of transferring a co-creative musical approach into organisational and institutional settings such as universities
  • How music can help us understand what co-creation is and how it happens


To ensure accessibility we are committed to providing transcripts of all our podcast episodes – you can read the full transcript here.


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Indigenous Collaborations and the Creative Academy – Article by Kim Cunio, Chris Sainsbury and Frank Milward:

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Kim Cunio is the Head of the School of Music at the Australian National University (ANU), performer, researcher, and Grammy long listed composer. He writes for the Deans and Directors of the Creative Arts, the Crawford Centre for Public Policy at the ANU and hosts a regular segment on ABC Radio to discuss music and the larger world. 

You can find Kim online on ANU Researchers | Apple Music | Spotify 

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Collaboratory is produced on the lands of the Ngunnawal, Ngunawal and Ngambri  people. We pay our respects, an ongoing gratitude to the custodian’s past present and future of the lands on which we work and of the knowledges from which we learn.

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