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Collaborative Curating and Storytelling course 2021

by | 16 Jan, 2021 | Blog, Canberra Brasilia: curating across culture and difference

Drawing on models of collaborative ethnography and art, this course introduces students to storytelling as a collaborative method of cultural research as it applies to fields such as museum practice, anthropology, art and design. The course will use experiential project-based learning to guide students through a cycle of collaborative cultural research and production of a product for public display or dissemination. Beginning with a grounding in the influences and practices shaping ‘the collaborative turn’ across a broad range of disciplines, the course will support students to identify and design collaborative research and production processes, identify and address ethical issues and processes of feedback with collaborators, and complete and reflect upon a cycle of collaborative production of a cultural research product.

Students will work with Dr Anni Doyle Wawrzyńczak on elements of the collaborative cross national visual arts curatorial project ‘Curating Brasilia Canberra: un/planned a/symmetries’.

Enrolments are available through the ANU Masters of Heritage and Museum Studies. Further information is available at ANU Courses and Programs.