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Transcript – Building Trusting Relationships

Transcript – What is the Co?

Collaboration, co-creation, co-creativity, collective, co-design, creativity, value creation, human centeredness, co-production…

There are just so many “co” words in circulation right now. What do they all mean? Are there any agreed definitions? Do we even need shared meanings of these buzzwords to actually get anything done together?

In this episode, we explore some of what people mean when they use “co” words. We also hear a little about the histories of some of the ideas which have shaped our usage of these words and the ideas that they point to.

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Trade Routes Research Translation Workshop 2022 – videos of presentations

Trade Routes Research Translation Workshop 2022 – videos of presentations

On May 4th and 5th 2022 the Centre for Heritage and Museum Studies and the Kimberley Aboriginal Law and Culture Centre hosted a Research Translation Workshop Program as part of the Following the Trade Routes project. The workshop was convened to support one of the guiding questions of the Trade Routes project – How can knowledge of historic and regional trade routes inform cultural practices for a new generation of Indigenous leaders and knowledge custodians in Australia?

The live workshop was by invitation only, but we are now pleased to share videos of selected presentations to a broader public audience