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Transcript – Building Trusting Relationships

Transcript – Intellectual Property and Agreements: A Conversation with Dr Diana James

In this episode, Dr Diana James shares some of her early experiences of cultural co-creativity and the relationships and learning which laid important foundations for the Songlines: Tracking the Seven Sisters exhibition to take place. She reflects on some of the back-end and relational structures that underpin the work that got presented in the exhibition and shares practical insights about tools and approaches to navigating value and agency across the intercultural and cross institutional spaces of a project like Songlines.

Transcript – Building Trusting Relationships

Transcript – What is the Co?

Collaboration, co-creation, co-creativity, collective, co-design, creativity, value creation, human centeredness, co-production…

There are just so many “co” words in circulation right now. What do they all mean? Are there any agreed definitions? Do we even need shared meanings of these buzzwords to actually get anything done together?

In this episode, we explore some of what people mean when they use “co” words. We also hear a little about the histories of some of the ideas which have shaped our usage of these words and the ideas that they point to.

Transcript – Building Trusting Relationships

Transcript – Laying the foundations for co-creation

While collaboration and co-creation are often presented as what we want to do and what is needed in a particular context, the systems and organisational environment in which collaborations happen are not always supportive of what it takes for them to be successful. Despite our best intentions, we aren’t always ready or able to be really effective collaborators. In this episode of Collaboratory, we explore some of what can enable and constrain collaborative practice at organizational, project and individual levels.