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Podcast episode – Intellectual Property and Agreements | A Conversation with Diana James

by | 21 Sep, 2022 | Blog

What does it takes to work collaboratively across cultures? To navigate the complexities of ownership and intellectual property of Indigenous traditional knowledge? To make and follow through on processes that ensure local communities retain ownership and control of their cultural knowledge in a co-creative process that involve multiple stakeholders and levels of power? If these are questions you have pondered, or struggled with yourself then this episode of Collaboratory Conversations is for you!

In this edited interview Maya Haviland speaks with Dr Diana James, who generously shares her stories of working with Indigenous groups in central and southern Australia and reflects on what it takes to co-create authentically and respectfully with people across cultures and institutions.  

Listen to the interview with Diana here, or read the full transcript here.

If you’d like to read more about one of the projects Diana speaks about in this episode, check out this blog post about the development of the Songlines project.

Our guest for this episode

Dr Diana James is an Honorary Research Fellow at the School of Humanities and Arts at the Australian National University and the Centre for Aboriginal Studies in Music at Adelaide University. Her research focus is the Indigenous song, story and dance of the Western Desert. 

You can find Diana online on Australian National University website, Kungkarangkalpa: Seven Sisters Songline

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