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Scaffolding CoDesign @ CECS ANU


Scaffolding CoDesign in the ANU College of Engineering and Computer Science was an action research project investigating the practices, processes and capacities involved in enabling and sustaining co-design and co-creation within the College of Engineering and Computer Science (CECS) at the ANU

Scaffolding CoDesign @ CECS ANU

The Australian National University’s College of Engineering and Computer Science made a large-scale multi-decade investment to think about what our world will be like in 2050, when we are completely embedded in both a digital and physical environment. The College recognised the need for participation and engagement of diverse people and perspectives in shaping and enacting the new agenda and undertook a program of CoDesign activities to support this engagement. 

Saffolding CoDesign @ CECS ANU used qualitative and critical action research to understand how co-creative practices vary across organisational and disciplinary contexts, and how different participants perceive, negotiate and access value from co-creative and co-design processes over time.  Led by Dr Maya Haviland the research aimed to:

  1. Generate practical knowledge about co-design and co-creation processes with application to CECS ANU, its partners and collaborators
  2. Identify principles and methodologies for supporting and embedding co-creation into this and other organisational contexts

Activities and Events

Reimagine STEM

Reimagine STEM is a podcast hosted by ANU biomedical engineer, Dr Kiara Bruggeman, and features some of the best and brightest thinkers exploring the future of engineering and computer science in Australia and overseas. The 4 part podcast, with supplementary interviews, was recorded in 2019 at the CECS ANU CoDesign Culture Lab on Ngunnawal and Ngambri Land, in Canberra Australia, and named as one of the top 5 engineering podcasts by Engineering Australia’s CREATE.

The team behind Reimagine STEM is writer and producer Gretchen Miller, sound engineer Nick McCorriston, and executive producers Maya Haviland and Dan Etheridge.

Available on OMNY, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Overcast, and other places you get your podcasts.


CoDesign Icebreaker game

In 2019 we commissioned the 3rd year Design students at the ANU School of Art and Design to help us design communication tools to help people understand the idea of Co-Design. They developed an icebreaker game using the tangrem blocks…

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The 2019 Reimagine Co-Design Culture Lab

The 2019 Reimagine Co-Design Culture Lab brought together over 100 interested students, staff, industry professionals, community partners and overseas representatives to re- imagine the future of Australian National University’s College of Engineering and Computer Science (ANU CECS). The Culture Lab…

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