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Viviane Obed and family – REMIX1 Artist

by | 23 Mar, 2019 | Blog, Projects, Remix, Resources

The REMIX1 Exhibition included works curated from an open call out to artists and cultural producers to contribute to the exhibition. One such cultural practitioner was Vivian Obed, who worked with her family to prepare the Atin a Suvoini dish as part of the REMIX1 Exhibition in September 2018 at Fondation Suzanne Bastien Gallery, Port Vila, Vanuatu. Vivianne and her family adapted a traditional dish that had was special to her family, making a performance out of the preparation and offering it to audience members at the opening of the exhibition.

Vivianne offered the meal and its preparation as part of the REMIX1 exhibition as way to create space for young people to continue to learn about their kastom culture. Watch the film below about Vivianne and the Atin a Suvoini dish made by media trainees from Further Arts.

Film made by Onis Ben Namu and Meriana Obed as part of media training by Further Arts in collaboration with the ANU Centre for Heritage and Museum Studies.