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REMIX1 Exhibition

by | 22 Nov, 2019 | Blog, Events, Featured, Projects, Remix

REMIX1 was an exhibition held at the Fondation Suzanne Bastien Gallery in Port Vila, Vanuatu in September 2018.  The exhibition included curated works from an open call out to emerging and established working in remix-style across Vanuatu, historical works from the Vanuatu National Museum’s collection, as well as works from 3 artists who took part in the pilot of an Artists Access project with the Vanuatu Cultural Centre archives and collections.

Co-curated by Dan Owen (artist), Maya Haviland (researcher at Australian National University), Marcel Meltherorong (independent curator), Lina Ariki (co-Director, Suzanne Bastien Foundation) and Kaitip Kami (Curator, Vanuatu National Museum),  REMIX1 featured works by local music, visual, dance, performance artists, including Marcel Meltherong, Amelia Lovo,  Eric Natuoivi, Ralph Reganvanu, Narsong Taleo, Gina Kaitiplel, Denny Kaio and more.

REMIX1 was the first step in a multi-year arts research collaboration between the Australian National University, the Vanuatu Cultural Centre, Vanuatu youth arts and media organisation Further Arts, and the Foundation Suzanne Bastien examining processes of ‘rimix’ or creative re-use of kastom (traditional) styles and knowledge in contemporary arts and cultural practice in Vanuatu.

Image by Gina Kaitiplel 2018