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In the Space of Translation – translating research into visual art with Samantha Corbett and the ANU Insight Out Exhibition

by | 23 Mar, 2020 | Collaborators, Scaffolding Cultural Cocreativity

In 2020 I was chosen to be part of the Australian National University Insight Out project, exploring interdisciplinary collaboration between visual artists and researchers. Artist Samantha Corbett and I were paired up, and over several months we met to discuss my research into co-creativity, whilst Sam interpreted the work into a large painting.

The finished work is called ‘In the Space of Translation’ and was displayed as one of 24 pairings at the Kambri public art walk at the Australian National University opening in March 2020. The painting draws on images, places and themes n the Partner Projects of the Scaffolding Cultural CoCreativity Project, and is itself a manifestation of cocreativity in action. I am so honoured to have this image as a representation of the stories, people and ways of working we are exploring in this project. You can read more about the Insight Out project and our reflections on the process here.

In the Space of Translation – painting by Samantha Corbett, exhibited at Kambri public art walk – Australian National University, Canberra, Australia, March 2020-May 2021