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What is Collaboratory podcast all about?

by | 20 Oct, 2021 | Collaboratory Podcast, Featured Collaboratory Podcast

Collaboratory podcast explores the concepts, enablers and applications of collaboration, co-creation, and co-creativity. Hosted by Dr Maya Haviland and Nicole Deen, the podcast talks to practitioners across diverse disciplines to discuss their experiences, issues and approaches to co-creation and collaboration across cultures, communities and organisations. Each episode explores a common theme from different angles, to uncover insights and help others navigate the complexity and potential of co-creation.

 We look at topics across three levels:

  • How practitioners learn the core capabilities to work co-creatively
  • What social supports, relationships and interpersonal practices are essential in co-creative work, and how to build and foster them
  • The systems-level enablers, structures, environments, policies and procedures that can best enable and support co-creative practice

Dr. Maya Haviland created the Collaboratory podcast as a way to explore co-creativity from diverse perspectives and provide an accessible way for practitioners to learn how to work effectively in this way. Maya is the producer of the Collaboratory and co-hosts with Nicole Deen, a long-time colleague and practitioner in social change and development. The pair are both intensely interested in how people collaborate and create together, what enables co-creation to work from multiple perspectives and how we can learn to do it better.

Collaboratory podcast launches in early 2022, but we’re sharing related resources and thought-pieces on co-creativity in the lead—up, so stay tuned!