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Meet some of the team behind Collaboratory

by | 3 Aug, 2022 | Blog, Collaboratory Podcast, Featured Collaboratory Podcast

In addition to Maya Haviland and Nicole Deen there are other important people who are help us make the podcast happen. Please meet Nick and Nicky, both of whom are currently working hard to get the first season of Collaboratory out very soon!

Nick McCorriston

Nick is a podcast audio engineer operating out of Canberra, Australia. His weekly roster of shows includes topics such as Cricket, Independent Music, Wildlife Carers and Hi-Fi Audio, with clients from around the globe. If you’re looking to make your podcast voice heard with great back-end management, get in touch at Nick’s website or Facebook

Nicky O’Dowd

Nicky O’Dowd is a Production Assistant for Collaboratory Podcast. She has a varied background across anthropology, museums and content production, and is passionate about the power of the internet to connect people and tell human stories across a wide range of mediums.  She produced and hosted a standalone podcast episode that explored the friendships and experiences made through creative practice in online fandom, “In Real Life: The Online Experience”