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Upcoming online seminar considering the significance of the Following the Trade Routes project

by | 22 Feb, 2023 | Blog, Collaborators, KALACC Trade Routes, Projects

The Following the Trade Routes project is a cultural practice and research project, established and led by the Kimberley Aboriginal Law and Culture Centre. Over the last 4 years the project has been seeking to create new understanding of cultural economies and trade routes that shaped Aboriginal societies across Australia, and to explore how such knowledge informs society and Aboriginal cultural practice today. The research is supporting rejuvenated cultural practice and cultural alliances between Aboriginal groups in the Kimberley, Central Australia and South Australia, reconnecting this network of Indigenous cultural practitioners with archival and research knowledge from across a range of disciplines and “feeding the cultural well”, through rejuvenated practices of cultural trade and exchange between cultural practitioners. This conversation will explore the project and its cultural and political significance for deepened understanding of Australia’s past, present and future.

Seminar co-hosted by Centre for Heritage and Museum Studies and The Australian Studies Institute at the ANU.

See weblink below to register and receive zoom link details