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About the Remix/Rimix logo

by | 22 Nov, 2021 | Blog, Remix

The logo for the Remix/Rimix project was designed and painted by Vanuatu artist Derik Narsong Taleo, with graphic design by Australian artist Daniel Owen.

From Pango on the island of Efate, Narsong is a painter, designer and musician who has long worked to inspire and engage through his art and music.  Narsong has reflected on some of the inspiration that led him to create this design:

I am trying to connect with my past, my roots, my identity. It is a spiritual journey for me. Often times where I would always feel like giving up I would look at the stars, I would be by the ocean, and ask myself who am I? I found the answer in myself. It was through art, music and life, family and my history. My generations before and in the future. 

This design is symbolic of such a journey, a spiritual journey all a travelling. Everyone needs some guidance, care, courage to keep moving, living and surviving. This design is to remind us that our journey in life can also set the path for others. Art is the way of telling the world, we are here. Spirit blong remix is to show that we are still here. That we will always leave our mark.

  • The X in the centre represents spirituality, which also represents the Southern Cross in the Southern hemisphere. Spirituality does not refer to religion such as Christianity, it is about ones consciousness of survival, of Being, existing to create and cocreate with the elements of life.
  • Water represents rebirth, remix or the womb  and is symbolised by the circle shape of the whole design.  where it is warm and ready to be birthed.  
  • I created designs responding to the designs from Lapita designs, tapa design from Efate and cave drawings on Lelepa.
  • The late artist and fellow surfer Gideon Arudali (who passed in late 2020) was also an inspiration, I was thinking of him when I was creating this design.  

As for myself, this project has made me accept all that happened in the past to my identity, my kastom. I have come to accept what has happened and know now I have a duty to revive this but in a new form. I can translate across time and history with arts and music. And therefore this is my spiritual journey.

Narsong was part of the REMIX1 Exhibition, and the first VKS Artists Access Project in 2018. He created the logo for Remix/Rimix in 2021.