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Safe Storytelling handout by Gen S Stories

by | 14 Oct, 2022 | Blog, Collaborators, Collaboratory Podcast, Resources

In a recent epsode of episode of Collaboratory Conversations, Artistic Director of Gen S Stories, Jenni Savigny and her collaborator Stephen Corey shared their experiences supporting non-professional storytellers to create personal digital stories as a form of community development and living social history. As a follow up Jenni also wrote a guest blog post about Safe Storytelling, and has shared the handout she uses with digital storytelling workshop participants to help plan a safe story to tell.

You can learn more about digital storytelling and Jenni’s work at Gen S Stories website

To hear more from Jenni Savigny, and her collaborator Stephen Corey, on safe storytelling, digital stories, and their co-creative practice, be sure to check out their episode of Collaboratory, “A Conversation with Jenni Savigny & Stephen Corey: Digital Storytelling”.

Safe Storytelling handout