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Canberra Brasilia: curating across culture and difference


Canberra Brasilia: curating across culture and difference is a long-form, cross-nation, collaborative project between curators, artists, researchers and educators from the world’s only 20th century planned, purpose-built national federal capitals of democratic nations.

The curatorial visual arts component of the Canberra Brasíia project began as a planned single exhibition of contemporary works from Canberra and Brasília artists, designed to travel to host galleries in both cities; the Canberra Contemporary Art Space in Canberra and the National Museum of Brazil in Brasília, in late 2021. The global onset of the Covid pandemic in 2020 signalled the end of this plan. As the reality of a very extended period of Covid changes in our world sank in, the project leads considered possible iterations that could accommodate the massive and ongoing restrictions experienced in both Brasilia and Canberra

During this period of rethinking, foregrounding of Canberra artists continued through student collaborative works stemming from the ANU 2020 and 2021 Masters course Collaborative Curating and Storytelling led by Dr Doyle Wawrzyńczak.

In mid-2020, the curators, Drs Doyle-Wawrzyńczak and Barbosa began working with one artist pair to develop the rules and methodology that would govern the new Covid iteration of the project. With support from the Scaffolding Co-creativity Project and the Australian Centre for Latin American Studies (ANCLAS) at ANU, a new iteration, with three artist pairs working collaboratively online with the curators has begun. The exhibition resulting from these collaborations will launch online in early 2022.

Project People

Dr Anni Doyle Wawrzyńczak
Dr Anni Doyle Wawrzyńczak

Lead and co-curator

Prof Christus Nobrega
Prof Christus Nobrega

Education and Institutional lead Brasilia

Dr Cinara Barbosa
Dr Cinara Barbosa

Brasilian co-curator

Dr Maya Haviland
Dr Maya Haviland

Education and Institutional lead Canberra

Collaborative student work


Summer intensive February to March 2020 – 36 hours over 6 weeks, 6 students, 6 artist interviews, 1 collaborative series of imaginings. enter from home page via hexagons – navigate widely via scrunched paper ball, splat, pen, thought bubble,……

Together Apart

Summer intensive February to March 2021 – 36 hours over 6 weeks, 6 students, 6 artist interviews, 1 collaborative series of imaginings via blog posts.

Exhibitions & Events


Illusions and Façades: the Work of Katy Mutton…

in conversation with Georgia Reed New and old Canberran residents and visitors alike have admired the National Capital with its distinctive architecture and unique fusion and integration of bush and built environments. Often ignored however, as we wander within Canberra’s…

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Find mirrors in displacement: Christus Nobrega

… in conversation with Hu Yisheng Brasilia Christus Nobrega is a Brazilian artist who travels between multiple communities and keeps an open mind to the various ideas he encounters. These communities leave marks in his works of art. Nobrega was…

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